How to Prevent Ice Dams and the Roof Leaks They Cause

Ice dams are a nuisance that should be taken care of as soon as possible, otherwise, they can lead to an abundance of damage to a roof and the home it protects. Homeowners will do well to learn as much about ice dam prevention as they can to keep unnecessary expenses at bay and to get as much use out of their roof as possible.

Don’t wait until the winter season to take action on preventing ice dams. Have a professional examine your roof and attic to make sure you have proper ventilation and insulation, both of which are prime ingredients for creating ice dams. The reason to have your roof checked well before winter is so you have plenty of time to take action on any necessary repairs or upgrades, which may require more money than you might have at the moment. Being proactive about ice dam prevention gives you time to explore your options and decide on the best one.

If you either don’t have the time or the funds necessary for extensive prevention, not to worry. You can buy a snow rake that allows you to take care of snow clinging to the edge of your roof before it has a chance to freeze over into an ice dam. Snow rakes are also useful for taking care of ice dams that have already formed but haven’t yet damaged your property.

Besides snow rakes, you can check with your local hardware stores to see if they carry heating cables you can plug in during snowy and icy weather to encourage melting. While heating cables are effective, know that they don’t address the main reason you have ice dams in the first place.

Ice dam prevention is most assuredly worth a pound of ice dam cure. Use these methods to keep ice from freezing your roof and your finances.