Tips for a Quality Basement Remodel

Basement remodeling projects are popular with homeowners who want to increase their living space by taking advantage of the underground square footage of their houses. The first step in any major renovation project is finding a good contractor whom you can trust. You need someone with vast knowledge and many years of experience, so it’s a good idea to interview several candidates before you make your final selection. Here are some topics you can use to test each contractor’s prowess.

Finding enough light is a challenge in any area that doesn’t lend itself easily to natural options. The contractors you interview should have several ideas about how to address this issue. Recommendations may include light paint colors, track lighting, strategically placed windows or an open floor plan.

A primary concern in basement remodeling is ensuring that the choices you make are up to local building codes. If the contractor does not suggest an inspection to check for compliance, that may be a red flag. Since flooding is also a common issue on underground floors, don’t consider any contractor who doesn’t address how to protect your basement from water damage. Finally, ventilation is a key factor in preventing mold growth and maintaining good air quality, so the renovation professional you choose should know how to ensure proper circulation.

The type of floor you choose should reflect how you plan to use the room. Carpet makes the space cozy and is appropriate for an extra living space or bedroom. In a game room or gym, however, hard flooring such as laminate or tile makes more sense. Make sure the contractor you choose is open to letting you choose the flooring that creates the ambiance you want.

You wouldn’t undertake a basement remodeling project on your own, but it’s just as bad an idea to choose professionals who don’t know what they’re doing. A consultation with each contractor you are considering helps you make the right choice.