Why Should You Choose Asphalt Roofing Shingles?

When the time comes to have your roof replaced, your contractor may offer you a variety of material options. While metal, clay and slate are all popular, you may want to consider choosing asphalt roofing shingles instead. These shingles have a variety of benefits that may offer you long-term savings and convenience, making them a viable roof replacement choice for almost any type of home.

As a homeowner, you may find that asphalt roofing shingles can cut down installation time. If you need a new roof and want it installed quickly, then your contractor may recommend these shingles because they are usually simple to work with. This could mean a lower labor cost and less time spent planning your days around the installation, which means more convenience for you as the homeowner.

If you have a color scheme in mind for your new roof, using asphalt roofing shingles can help bring that vision to reality because they come in a variety of hues. Whether you want to go with a monochromatic color scheme or something brighter, you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for quality. You may want to ask your contractor for color tips if you aren’t sure which might best suit your home.

One important of roof replacement that you may be considering is the durability of the material being used. Asphalt shingles can last up to twenty years and if any should break or curl, they can be replaced with little effort. This can add up to maintenance and repair savings over time. Remember to ask your contractor about any warranties that might come with your new roof so you can have it maintained with little to no cost when necessary.

The thought of having your roof replaced can be a daunting one. However, when you learn all the advantages that asphalt shingles can offer, your roof replacement experience might be much simpler than you expected.