Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

If your roof has been a solid structure for more than 10 years, when problems occur in the fabric, tiles, or underlayment, you may wonder how to correct the situation. There may be good reasons to believe that you can choose to either repair just a small area or that you must secure a complete roof replacement. So, how do you know what option will keep your home safe and secure long into the future? Here are some hints to help you decide.

Scenarios Providing Issues

To keep your home safe and water-tight, you need a cover that is free from damage and layered in such a way that water cannot seep into the structure. Locating and discussing possible roofing scenario solutions with your contractor is the best way to understand the damage your home has sustained and how it can best be fixed.

Concerns Allowing Repairs

Roof replacement is the best solution when a rainstorm with high winds damages you home because of the water involved. The same is true of tornadoes, hurricanes, and ice sheets. Another good rule to follow is the 30% rule. If more than 30% of your roof suffers damage, the structure should be replaced with a completely new roof. The same is true if water damage entered your home’s attic through the roof and seeped into inner walls.

Problems Requiring Replacement

Small sections of torn tiles that can be repaired before moisture contaminates the understructure can easily be replaced. That means if a wind storm came through and damaged your roof, you can probably replace the damage rather than removing the entire structure.

Situations Delivering Specifics

When you don’t know whether you should choose a roof replacement or simple repair, consult with a roofing contractor about your situation. Every roof is different, and that means seeing the problem is the only way for a contractor to know what is best for your home’s long life.