Reasons to Add a Deck This Summer

As the lazy days of summer hit, an outdoor extension to your living area can be a soothing oasis after a long day. Outdoor space is becoming more and more popular, with decks and patios ranging from simple seating to fully-equipped outdoor kitchens. Though it may not be quite that grand, outdoor living space can improve the value and appeal of your home, giving you all the excuse you need to undertake the deck construction you’ve been dreaming of.

Increase Outdoor Living Space

After waking from winter hibernation, summer temperatures lure homeowners outside. More people are looking for ways to make their time outdoors comfortable and enchanting. In fact, according to the American Institute of Architects, requests for outdoor living spaces has increased for six years in a row. From patios with fire pits to deck construction that includes planters or built-in seating, there are many ways to make your guests feel at home and want to linger longer.

Create Visual Interest 

Once an outdoor space has been created, there are many ways to customize it. Choose a color scheme, and carry it through the yard with unique furniture, pillows and plants. Adding an outdoor rug can create a focal point for small seating arrangements, and containers of flowering plants bring color and height. Interest can also be enhanced by constructing screens to block views of the neighbor and adding ambient lighting.

Add Value 

With a robust housing market, it’s important to find ways to set your home apart and maintain your property value. With so many people looking for ways to entertain outdoors, adding a deck or patio is a natural way to enjoy evenings with friends and increase the investment in your home. Proper maintenance will protect your investment.

Find new ways to savor time outside this summer. Contact a professional to create a beautiful patio or begin deck construction, and start enjoying your home, inside and out.