How to Find a Qualified Roofing Contractor

Roofing contractor

When a roof is damaged, a roofing contractor may be needed in order to repair it. In order to repair it properly, the contractor will usually follow a set of roofing rules. This better ensures that the roof will stay safe and functional for the next few years. A roofer may follow a few simple guidelines regarding shingles and other materials to produce quality work.

One of the most basic roofing guidelines may be to repair roofs with the same material used to build it. For example, if it was built with plywood, the best option may be to patch holes with plywood. Using the same materials may help stabilize the roof.


Many roofing contractors may use metal flashings instead of sealing seams with shingle material. Although it may cost more, the flashing may not deteriorate as quickly, which may help extend the life of the roof. Contractors may also choose to use counter flashing made from metal similar to that of the flashing rather than using caulking.


Many roofing rules may regard shingles and how they are used. A roofing contractor may not install new shingles over old ones because shingles typically last longer when there is only a single layer. With multiple layers, dirt and moisture can become trapped between them and may cause deterioration to happen more quickly.


Felt paper may need to be installed under shingles in order to help anchor them. Qualified contractors may be careful to follow the installation instructions, and they may only use shingles that have been approved and tested by the manufacturer.


While many of these guidelines are not set rules, they may help improve the life of a roof. Following these guidelines may help extend the life of the new roof, and a qualified roofing contractor may use them in order to produce high-quality work that may last for years.