How Damaged Gutters Can Affect A Foundation

House roof gutters and downspout on the corner of a house.

So you have noticed the door leading into your home is sticking. Just age, you think to yourself and make a mental note to look into it sometime. Unfortunately, this could be caused by something far more serious – foundation damage, downspouts, and flooding.


The gutters surrounding your home should be cleaned often. Cleaning them out at least once or twice a year of leaves, debris and shingle granules can help prevent damage. Many people think of gutter clogs affecting only their shingles and roof integrity. However, this is not the only problem that can occur. Clogs can lead to water overflowing in other sections of the guttering instead of going down the downspouts properly. You will want to check to make sure the downspouts are directing the water completely away from your home’s foundation.


Water pooling around the foundation can settle into the basement through cracks. It can also cause settling or sinking of your foundation. This can lead to bowing or leaning walls which helps to create those dreaded cracks and erodes the dirt right out from underneath the home. If you see water entering or even flooding your basement, you will want to have the problem looked into immediately before further erosion occurs.


Once you notice any of these problems, it may be time to call in an expert. Making sure your gutters are cleaned regularly can help prevent further damage and correct any problems that have already been caused.


At A-Preferred Roofing we can survey your home’s exterior to study the current condition of the gutters, roof and foundation. Foundation damage, downspouts, flooding and clogged gutter issues are best left to the experts to handle, so if you find there’s some serious damage give us a call! For pricing information click here for a free quote.