Composite Roofing: A Winning Combination

The roof is arguably one of the most important structures within your house. When something goes wrong with it, you are definitely going to notice, and it is going to be a severe inconvenience. When it is too badly damaged, you need to cut your losses and opt for a totally new roof installation. You do not automatically have to go with the same kind of roof you had before, and many times, you can benefit more by getting composite roofing installed.

As its name suggests, a composite roof is one that is made out of a variety of materials that are all blended together. Typically, the materials used include polyester, plastic, fiberglass, recycled paper and wood. All of these substances are layered together, and they are held together with resins. Occasionally, asphalt will get added to the mix in order to give your new roof some extra protection against UV rays.

A great thing about composite roofs is that they can be custom designed to look any way you want. If there is a specific color you want, then you can get whatever you like with composite roofing. You can even get it to perfectly resemble the aesthetic of wood or other materials if there is a kind of roof you like the look of but want something more durable.

Most of the time, composite roofs are able to last for decades. They are explicitly constructed with durability in mind, and they hold up well against extreme weather. People who live in a city that is prone to high winds or even hurricanes can be sure their composite roofs will stand up tough to anything.

You never want to delay getting a new roof installation when you need it. There are plenty of ways you can benefit from composite roofing, so ask your roofer about it when you require a new roof.